Tim talks about how he isn't upset by MRR

It's like a giant Lookout field day. There'll be lots of kids doing stupid dances, more Moon Ska patches then you can shake a stick at, and of course, the occasional political rant. Bon Appetit.

"For love is sadness. Love is madness..." love is Dr. Frank and the Mr. T Experience.

The veteran East Bay band the Mr. T Experience creates a punk-pop repertoire of melodious love songs that can make a person shake off her brooding melancholy and do a little dance step or two. Despite the cynicism and sadness in the songs, there is something catchy with the music of MTX that can get you to sing along with lyrics such as "la la la la love is dead". The frequent wondering whether love "will last forever" or blatantly stating that it's just dead, makes Dr. Frank and Company modern day romantic poets who happen to also be punk musicians. Of course, they are also a group of cute guys who make good music.

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East Bay punk stalwarts Mr. T Experience keep on keepin' on. They may yet become the next Green Day. True, the window of opportunity seems to be closing, but the Mr. T's keep on cranking out catchy and bitter songs about love and relationships just for you.